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    Prolonged tightness of deep muscle tissue & fascia cause discomfort & pain. Affect your joints and may impinge a nerve. Consequently, leading to an injury or tear of the muscle tissue or tendon, when overexerted. The good news, massage help facilitate your wellness. A full body Deep Tissue Massage helps relax the deeper layers of muscles and fascia within your body. Likewise, a Therapeutic Massage focuses on restoring normal function to a specific area or region of your body experiencing chronic pain or muscular tightness.

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    Deep Tissue Massage

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    Maintain your wellness with a Full body Deep Tissue massage. Relax the deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia (connective tissue). Alleviate minor muscular issues causing discomfort, pain, and tightness.

    Medium to deep pressure used during the massage session



    Therapeutic Massage

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    Restore normal function to a specific area or region of the body with a Therapeutic Massage. This focused massage session helps to alleviate chronic muscle pain, release deep muscular tightness, and improve range of motion.

    Light, medium, and deep pressure used during the massage session.


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    • Improved well-being
    • Relief from muscular tightness
    • Release of trigger points & knots
    • Relief from Chronic Pain
    • Release deep myofascial restrictions
    • Increased range of motion
    • Improve posture
    • Accelerated healing
    • Promotes recovery following an injury

    Price Per Session


    60 MINUTES


    90 MINUTES


    120 MINUTES


    60 MINUTES


    90 MINUTES


    DEEP TISSUE, 60 MIN – $60

    DEEP TISSUE, 90 MIN – $90

    THERAPEUTIC, 60 MIN –  $70

    THERAPEUTIC, 90 MIN – $105

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