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    Massage, Keeps your body performing at its best. Book your appointment online now! Having a massage every once in a while, goes a long way towards making you feel better. However, Real lasting results in your muscles and fascia happen with regular massage sessions. Based on your preferences, goals, or the condition of your Muscles & Fascia. On average, having a massage once or twice a month is great; with some clients having a massage every week to maintain their health and well-being. What matters the most, is that massage should be an important part of your life, towards maintaining the wellness of your body.

     COVID-19 /  FLU / RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) – if you are not feeling well, (temp above 100.4°F ), have attended an event, social gathering, or traveled out of town, please follow the latest CDC guidelines , be tested, or wait for 14 days before booking an appointment, Clients have the option to not wear a mask during the massage session; however, you may be asked to do so during the fall/winter season.  A 3-ply cotton or N95 mask with ear loops, is a good choice to wear, and is worn by the massage therapist, while in session.  Please read our Safety Measures Concerning COVID-19. Thank you for your cooperation in prioritizing everyone’s health and well-being.

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    Booking an Appointment

    The quickiest way to book your appointment is online or you may request an appointment. Phone calls are welcomed, but are not answered while in session.

    Booking your Appointment Online

    Use the Appointment Calendar to start the process of booking your appointment. Select Create Profile to create your online account.

    A Credit Card is required to hold your appointment when booking. 

    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.

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    Appointment Request

    Request your appointment by Text or fill out our Contact Form  with your Name, the Date & Time you are requesting an Appointment and the Type of Massage. Plus your Email address, for appointment confirmation / reminder.


    Hi, Appointment Request for 8/10/20 at 2 pm. First & Last Name –  Swedish Massage, 60-minute,, Thanks.

    Your appointment request will be booked as soon as possible and in the order received. When you recieve the email confirmation you’re booked

    If unable to book your request, you will be notified.


    Using the Appointment Calendar

    Select Appointment Type | Choose Date & Time | Sign-in or Create Account.

    * Please Note.  A Credit Card is required to hold your Appointment

    Once you Receive your Email confirmation, you are Booked!

    How do I Sign Into My Account

    Account sign in, is on the Homepage (Top Right)  My Account.  Also, you can sign in on the appointments page. Calendar (Top Right) My Account.

    View your Schedule, Purchases or Cancel Appointment.

    Reschedule or Cancel Appointment

    To Reschedule

    Please cancel appointment first, then Reschedule your appointment online using the Appointment calendar.

    To Cancel your Appointment

    Please Sign into your Account, then select Schedule to Cancel your appointment

    Text (214) 982-9785


    Cancellations must be done by 6pm on the day that you receive your Appointment Reminder. (Emailed one day before your scheduled massage). This allows someone else the opportunity to book, when you cancel.

    Please Note***

    It is your responsibility regardless, even if you do not receive an email reminder. To cancel your appointment by 6 pm. The day before your scheduled massage.

    Late Fee’s Apply

    Please Read full  Cancellation Policy