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Max Therapy Massage   provides Massage Services for Relaxation,  Deep Tissue, Therapeutic and Prenatal massage.  A touch
that is  professional, compassionate and soothing for relaxation or experienced skilled palpation for the assessment and treatment of muscular tightness . I truly enjoy being a Massage Therapist, love helping my clients and I’m grateful for the opportunity.  Allow me to help you maintain an active lifestyle, balance the stresses of work or recover from a long standing muscular issue that has become chronic. I strive to create a massage business that you will welcome into your life. 



Mind, body and Energy intertwined together;  have trillions of connections to our mental, emotional and physical states that forms our wonderful human experience.  Life circumstances or activities may cause our bodies to experience stress, tension, anxiety, muscle aches;  painful Trigger Points or  Myofascial restrictions.  Anyone of these symptoms can affect our well-being if allowed to build up or continue over time within our mind or body. 



Empowered by the wonderful Mechanism of touch and skilled techniques; Massage helps the body facilitate healing of our muscles (soft tissue) and fascia (connective tissue), release emotions and relax the mind....... 

                                                                 Max McWilliams  LMT

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  • “Max has been my massage therapist for the past 6 years, He has seen me through a few surgeries, and has contributed to better healing and regained strength every time. His dedication to resolving my issues, knowledge of human anatomy and use of palpation to sense the tight muscle in my body is outstanding. He is professional, ethical, appropriate and thorough. His manner is loving and kind, the room environment is relaxing and beautiful, and above all that, he is a master of his craft. I prioritize my appointments with Max above any other caregiver."         --- Anne

  • "Max has a special gift in reading a client body and therapy needs. For over 6 years, Max has helped me achieve a better quality of life through his massage techniques and as a result the muscle disorder in my arm is less frequent and less intense. He is respectful, and professional in his approach and his extensive knowledge of the body and muscles is amazing. The quiet setting and his calm touch truly contribute to a relaxing and therapeutic experience."            ---  Carol   

  • "I have been with Max for over ten years. As far as I am concerned he is genius at figuring out what my problems are and doing what is necessary to fix them. He has released deep muscle knots, stretched out tight muscles, gotten my hips in alignment to relieve back pain and gotten my shoulder and neck to quit hurting and start turning, or just relaxed me when I was worn out. He’s my “go to” man for aches and pain and he is a good man in general. I am so glad I found him and I intend to stay with him as long as he is in business."             --- A.C.  

  • "Max is one of a kind, a truly talented and dedicated therapist, and a indispensable part of my health and wellness plan. Over the years, he has chased down and eliminated several chronic issues, as well as any number of injuries. He knows the body and is exceptionally creative in finding ways to locate the root cause of pain and alleviate the problem. He has a wonderful "table-side" manner, gets to know all of his clients, and works out just the right approach and care plan for each individual. Go see him -- you'll be better for it! "        --- C. J.

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