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    Our Services Help facilitate your Well-being

    Max Therapy Massage provides Services for Relaxation, Wellness, and Prenatal Massage. Enjoy a professional massage with skilled palpation of your muscle and fascia, quality massage products and awesome music for you listening pleasure. All to facilitate your well-being.

    Book your massage appointment online now or request your Appointment by Text. Also, you can purchase Our Services Online (Account Required), with up to 45 days (from the purchase date) to book your appointment. As well as, our Massage Packages, which include 3 massage sessions, a choice of 60 or 90 minutes, plus you have up to 90 days (from the purchase date) to book your appointments. Purchase our services online, buy a special offer, or plan ahead for the holidays, vacations, a business trips or when you have that one special day for yourself.

    Woman Relaxing - Swedish Massage


    A Swedish Massage or having a Hot Stones Massage is a wonderful way to manage your well-being when you need relaxation. Massage helps you recover from the daily mental and physical demands in your life. From work related tasks or an active lifestyle, by releasing stress, tension, anxiety, plus ease your emotions.  Which Relax your body and mind.

    Deep Tissue Massage-shoulder blade (man)


    At every stage of your life, being young or old, maintaining the wellness of your muscles and fascia is important in order to keep your body performing at its best. A Deep Tissue Massage session is perfect for maintaining your wellness. While a Therapeutic massage is great for restoring normal function to your muscle and fascia.

    Pregnant woman


    Prenatal Massage is a wonderful massage for pregnant women. The session is focused on relaxation, alleviating discomfort and pain. Starting in the second trimester of your pregnancy (week 16). This Massage offers a wide range of benefits and support during your pregnancy.



    Our Mission Statement


    To provide you with an outstanding professional massage and a wonderful experience that facilitates your well-being.