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Massage Packages


Need or desire more than one massage Session 

A Package Saves you $30-$50 dollars 



Rejuvenate | Reinvigorate | Restore 


A package choice of 3 or 5 sessions 

Appointments for 60 or 90 minutes



Massage Package,  3 Sessions 

Bundle and Save $30.00             





3-60 min


Save $30.00  

3-90 min


Save $30.00
Rejuvenate $195.00 $165.00   $270.00 $240.00
Reinvigorate $225.00 $195.00   $315.00 $285.00
Restore $255.00 $225.00   $360.00 $330.00

Massage Package,  5 Sessions 

Bundle and Save $50.00




5-60 min


Save $50.00  

5-90 min


Save $50.00
Rejuvenate $325.00 $275.00   $450.00 $400.00
Reinvigorate $375.00 $325.00   $525.00 $475.00
Restore $425.00 $375.00   $600.00 $550.00







Rejuvenate with a soothing blend of massage techniques that's focused on relaxation,  bringing about a deep breath or sigh, allowing the body to let go of tension and stress. While relaxing the benefits of this massage help the body recover from work related stress, daily activities or a strenuous workout. 

Light to medium pressure used during the massage session



Deep Tissue


Reinvigorate the way you feel with a Deep Tissue Massage, release Tension, Stress, and address areas of discomfort. The session is focused on massaging the deeper layers of muscle and fascia, Alleviating minor issues regarding painful Trigger Points, Myofascial restrictions, or muscular tightness.

Light, medium and deep pressure used during the massage session.






Restore your well-being with a Therapeutic Massage. Alleviate chronic muscle / joint pain (non-arthritic), by releasing painful Trigger Points, deep myofascial restrictions, and muscular tightness. This is not a full body massage; the session is focused on restoring normal function to a specific area or region of the body. Several massage sessions may be required to resolve the issue, but the process will help the body facilitate healing.

Light, medium amd deep pressure used during the massage session.

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